Lithuanian delegation in China for Shaolin course

Four people are representing Lithuania in course of Shaolin martial arts in China. Saule Grumodaite (16), Justina Lusaite (18), Severinas Siekstele (20) and Jhoan Munoz (31) have travelled to the cradle of shaolin. Taking place in Henan Province, from July 24 to November 20 of the current year, this cultural exchange aims to strength relationship between the countries and to share the profoundness of Chinese martial art.


For the Chinese embassy in Lithuania, this project is an invitation to exchange and to overcome differences between the countries. In words of Mr CHEN, Economic and Commercial Counsellor:

Every year we invite some of our Lithuanian friends and colleagues to take part in various kinds of seminars or training programs, including Shaolin classes, in China. This is to help our Lithuanian friends and colleagues to acquire a better understanding and knowledge about China, the Chinese culture and the Chinese people upon which friendship and practical cooperation can be built.

This project is possible thanks to a multilateral effort: On one hand, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China as sponsor; on the other, Henan University of Technology as organizer. Then Chinese embassy in Lithuania and the Lithuanian Wusu Federation also show interest by supporting the four participants.

The theme of the event this year is feel the enchanting charm of martial art, share traditional Chinese culture. With this motto in mind, trainings are conducted in forms of lectures, seminars, field visits, and travels with the method of theory combined with practice. The trainings include skills of Chinese boxing, cudgel play, bare-handed forms, skill of spear, sword skill and special training for competition.

The class group is composed by 33 participants from 10 different countries and all kind of backgrounds. Soldiers, policemen, coaches, teachers and athletes in sports community are some of the participant profiles. In this matter, Saule, the youngest of the Lithuanian group expresses: “compared with our classmates who have practiced as professional players for 20 years, we have little to show and much to learn. As the beginners of the class, we try to keep up by showing spirit and discipline”

The delegation will be back the 22 of November, ready to reintegrate their respective schools and share with Lithuania sports community of their experience in China.