Shaolin Disciples Set a Record in Taijiquan At Vilnius

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On April 25, Members of Lithuania Vilnius Shaolin Cultural Center have taken part in World Taiji and Qi Gong Day Celebration in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania).​


More than 200 people, including members of Traditional Wushu Association of Lithuania “Shaolin”, participated in the celebration. People from different wushu schools gathered in the main square of Vilnius, setting the record in the highest number of people practising 8 basic Taijiquan movements together at one place in the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).


After registering the record, members of Lithuanian Wushu Federation performed various shows, encouraging citizens and guests to learn more about Chinese martial arts. Representatives of Lithuania Vilnius Shaolin Cultural Center performed Shaolin Ba Duan Jin, attracting a lot of attention from Vilnius citizens and quests of Vilnius.


World Taiji and Qi Gong Day was celebrated for the third time in Vilnius. The celebration is well known and has always been visited by representatives of the Embassy of China in Lithuania, Confucius Institute, officials from Vilnius Municipality and journalists from Press, Internet Media and Television. (News: Lithuania Vilnius Shaolin Cultural Center)